Wednesday, June 1, 2011

 Lately I have been interested in drawing bloggers and it has been going pretty well and I am looking forward to drawing more.

The following bloggers I drew are Reese Lansangan from Dressed-Up Days and  Tin Iglesias from Fashion Ate the World.


photos from  and 
drawings are from my drawing book

The illustartion of Reese is more realistic than the illustration of Tin, but I am going to draw another one of Tin's photos because I want it to look more realistic as well. Hope you both like the illustrations!! 
I colored the drawing of Reese with watercolor pencils and then used water to blend the the colors and make it look more smooth. On the drawing of Tin, I used regular colored pencils and a gold pen (hard to see on photos) to color in the little accessories such as the belt buckle and the heart necklace. 

Today I finally found the shoes I wanted but they were expensive and my shoe size is growing, so there is no point in buying expensive things to only wear for a while ( I would wear them almost everyday shoe size changes). Oh well, now I am on the hunt to find the perfect over sized sweater to wear with my tights and boots. 
Oh and here is what the wedges looked like

Jeffrey Campbell white canvas wedge booties (((:


  1. Wao! wonderful drawings! keep it up! I love Jeffre Campbell shoes! bye bye :)

  2. Love your drawings! Makes me wish you'd draw me too, haha :D

    And I love these last shoes a whole lot :)

    Would you mind visiting/commenting/following my blog?

  3. @Saul- Thanks, I will!
    @Emilija- Thanks, maybe I will(: Your blog looks pretty interesting, I will keep my eye on it. And I hope you had a great time in France, I did!(: