Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Outfit Experimenting

What a simple day it was. As the time went by, I decided to not waste the perfect moment and go do a little bit of experimenting with my clothes. Well..this is what  came up with.

top under: kerch  tope over: free people  button-down shirt: sugar tart  leggings: from Target  shoes: Marni
Not bad I think, But why am I so unhappy in these photos except for the middle one??.
Of course, I first looked in my tights/leggings box and I see the orange leggings. And so the outfit went from there, putting on the tops that are similar colors to the leggings and then the blue shirt and black/brown heels to balance out the hues. I had braids the whole day, so I let them down... it's wavy! Perfect. Then photos, blah, blah, blah...then what do you know? I'm sitting on the coach again -___- Oh well! Hopefully tomorrow will be a more progressive day. At the least the outfit made the day less boring.

I probably shouldn't wear heels at this age..NAHH! Who cares, I want to wear them! I just need to practice to walk properly. I don't want to wear like those very skinny heels, I want something more like platforms or high wedges. Like this for example.
Jeffrey Campbell Litas
Google Images
No, I'm not crazy. The shoes above, those I really want.  The problem is, I am not sure if the Litas will look large on me and will make the whole look awkward. I want to at least try them on, but they don't sell in stores here.

Ok, nuff said about outfits and boring days. Lately, I think I have been over stuffing myself with super soft, glazed, yummy..No! Must stop addiction! What was I saying? Oh ya, donuts(: Whenever we go to LA, I request a box of original glazed donuts from Krispy Kreme. I always eat them in the morning, but never during the day because I want to save as much as I can for every morning of the week. I think I had a donut every morning for the past two weeks! And yet, I can't seem to gain weight!! That's good, I want to stay this skinny. Ya, you will never guess how much I weigh..
See you tomorrow with a hopefully more interesting day and post(:


  1. Oh your blog looks interesting! I like it! You are very creative and I like those shoes! I follow you!and just an advice, dont take this the wrong way please, I think a very pretty girl like you shouldnt be so thin,I only care about you, and I mean that you would be beautiful as well! if Im wrong, really forgive me! kisses :)

  2. @Saul- Aww thanks :D!! Well, whatever I eat and how much I eat never really changes my weight, haha. I won't take it the wrong way, people keep telling me " you are so thin! I can feel your bone!"
    Thanks for following!

  3. :D ooh okay, so then you let me calmer!! oh nothing delighted! (i dont know if I explain on the right way, sorry) haha kisses