Monday, June 20, 2011

red door

  Wow.. I haven't posted in a long time!  To make up for that, I am going to write a huge post (:

  I experimented with using natural color and glitter for a drawing and it was successful. 

  The natural color was used only for the background.  I just picked out some flower petals of different colors, placed them in water and then rubbed them on the paper.  For a better result and the absence of a bumpy surface, it is better to try it on watercolor paper (which I am going to do).  The drawing itself was colored with water color pencils and then brushed with a little bit of water to blend the hues and make it look more smooth.  And then finished off with blue glitter in the spots that were originally colored blue (it was intricate and got a little messy, but worth the result).  You can relate this drawing with illustrations of PAPERFASHION because she also uses glitter in most of her artwork, but I still need a little something something in my drawings to make them even more special (PAPERFASHION adds glitter and swirls in her artwork). The last picture was edited by my mom and it looks like an illustration from a book.

  For some time now, I wanted to post birthday cards that I made for my friends so far. And now I finally get to!

  For all three I used acrylic paint.  I am happy to say that my friends were astounded when they saw the cards.  And I am hoping to buy more of the blank white cards to make more ( I only have brown, green, and yellow smaller cards left). 

  One of the outfits I wore in the time that I haven't posted was very simple yet it looked great.

   Darn! I should have taken off my cardigan to show the long ruffles on my romper.  Oh well.  

  When I tried the baby phat romper on, I was amazed that it fit me!  Usually rompers don't fit me because the bottom part (the shorts) would be too big on me.  But this one fit me!  And I only have one other romper that fits me (yellow DKNY romper) and I can't wait to wear it and post the pictures so you can all see.
 This photo was taken in front of a red door of a Chinese restaurant that was out of business :( but it's a great place to take pictures!   


  1. wow! ur very talented and creative! i'd love to see myself in one of your drawings :)
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  2. Thanks Diane! And maybe you will (:

  3. Thanks for your comment! Lovely outfit and the drawings are great!!! Wanna follow each other?

  4. Thank you Vicki!
    Haha, sure!


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